9/11/01 NYC - My story

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    Harlz More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me LPA Super Member

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    I just remember being 8 years old and seeing it on tv when we got up in the morning... Stayed home from school because most people in Sydney stayed home, I think we all expected the Opera House to blow up next or something...

    Spent the next few years with an eerie feeling every time I saw a low flying plane or a plan off a normal flight path...

    Cannot imagine how scarring it was for New Yorkers...
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    Theazninvasion68 It's like blood to a vampire, our tragic desire. LPA Super VIP

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    Thanks for sharing these stories.

    I was at home, sleeping. I ended up late for class as my mom was watching TV. I wondered why I haven't woken up yet, so I got up and went downstairs to see my mother crying. I saw a smoking building, and didn't understand what a terror attack is. So I kept watching as my mother held me. Around 5 minutes later, I saw a plane crash into another tower, and fire blew out of the building. It struck me then that that was a plane, and planes have people in it. I was shocked, and even more so when the two buildings finally collasped and everything.

    It was strange that day. My mom was older than I but I had to explain to her why so many people had to die at the hands of so few.

    It wasn't easy being 10. especially since it was my birthday too. I shut the TV off, it was too much.

    I went to school and.. it was kinda funny. All the adults were unsure how to explain it, and the kids werent sure why everyone was so upset.

    It's a day I won't forget.
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    Schen The Genius

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    2001...was not a good year. September for me is not a good month.

    If you stop and think about all the shit that went down in 2001, you'd wonder if the natural disasters in 2011 even compare. It's mind boggling to think about.

    But let me start with this. I'm a huge racing fan, I love cars most of you know that, NASCAR lost it's biggest icon in February of 2001. That was so huge that at times I'd even forgot that the two events happened in the same year. Before all the storms we've had, before Katrina, the biggest storm to date in 2001 was Tropical Storm Allison which cost $5 Billion in damage...

    And then September came.

    September 11th, 2001. Like everyone else, it couldn't have started any different as any other day did. Sun, a few clouds, it was nice. I was in the 7th grade, yes middle school and I walked there. I walked up the street over the bridge like I did the day before and so on. After all we were only about over a week into school. It was about 9:45-10 AM, it was gym class and we were outside playing football. I had just finished playing a quarter when curiosity got the best of me and I started to question myself and everyone else outside about the ridiculously large ring, not a plume but a ring of smoke that was circling the field.

    We get inside and change then head for our next classes when I finally get filled in on what I saw. My friend Arthur told me, 'A plane crashed into one of the twin towers' and then we tried to think of how it was possible. I mean there's no way it was a passenger jet and for about 15 minutes we assumed it was a small cessna sized airplane that must have wriggled it's way between the towers, lost its wings and crashed on some other buildings. We had TV's, but we did not have cable in the classrooms. About 10:30 AM or so, the principal got on the intercom and announced about the buildings were indeed struck by planes and collapsed. From there on out we just went about the day, in some classes doing work, some doing nothing.

    I left class briefly, 'I had to go pee' but I was actually checking out the front office to see how many parents where there pulling their kids out of class. Nothing felt safe that day.

    Finally, school ended and I walked back home and I don't remember a whole lot of cars but cars driving in panic to get home. Sirens are forever imbedded in my ears. I hear them all the time. I came up the back porch to my mom sobbing hysterically trying to explain what happened. I just rushed inside instead to pictures of was essentially a war zone. Up until I finally saw the first replay of the plane crashing I had no idea how serious this was. That's when I started losing it.

    My mom's story was incredible because she actually watched the first plane fly over her head. Her and a friend were on their way to work. Main Street and Woodbridge center drive used to be a simple 4-way lighted intersection, it was high enough you can see the NYC skyline from there. Of course they had the light and that's when the ridiculously low 767 flew over them and they watched it crash. They got back in the car and went home.

    To this day I remember every little detail, all the hours of wondering what was next. Not only will I be in remembrance of the 10th anniversary, but also the 5th anniversary of two of my friends being killed back in 06' on Sept 12th.

    Like I said, September is not the best month.

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    Jadedjcbxnyc6981 Active Member

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    wow Schen, so sorry to hear that '01 was a bad year for you. But its crazy how people remember that day.....

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