Any Chances for the Grammy's?

Discussion in 'Linkin Park Chat' started by Knt.Slbs, Jul 5, 2013.

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    It's been a while that the band didn't received any nominations for the Grammy's.. their last nomination was on 2010 (What I've Done: Milton Keynes), but unfortunately, it didn't won.. they won only 2 awards... I'm wondering why what happened to the band, i mean why A Thousand Suns never been nominated for the Grammy's? that album was amazing and truly experimental.. is their any basis or criteria in order to be nominated?? Hell, ATS was nominated on any awards but on Grammy's why it didn't? because is it too polarizing? too soft for Hard rock? too electronic?

    Is their any chances for the band to make a record or song that is Grammy winning,..?

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    First off, a Grammy nomination does not mean it is good. Secondly, the Grammys lost their merit when Jethro Tull beat Metallica for best metal perfomance in '88. Next, ATS was not a chart topping money maker of an album. The music industry, especially the Grammys flock to albums that will make more money. Lastly, if music you like doesn't win an award, you shouldn't care. Music is very subjective and personal. What one person despises, another will absolutely love. Be who you are and like what you like, that way, no one can ever take that away from you.
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    Well, they had a shot in the previous Grammys with the commercially successful but mixed-reviewed LT, but sadly, Muse, Black Keys, Springsteen, Coldplay and Jack White made better albums during the timespan.

    While I do agree with you that the Grammys gun for commercially successful records, I have to give props to them for leaning more towards non-extremely mainstream stuff these past two years. Sure, many of their noms were still famous records, but explain how Arcade Fire's The Suburbs won Album of the Year - an album by a band that virtually everybody including myself had no idea of until their win. Take also this recent Grammy awards ceremony. Sure, indie guys like Grimes or the XX didn't get nominated, but Black Keys, Jack White, Frank Ocean and Alabama Shakes got lots of them, even though they only have around one famous song and not popular among super-mainstream people. Heck, Bieber, One Direction and other famous stars weren't nominated. And the famous stars who were nominated were there for their much better songs. Plus, revolutionary A Thousand Suns could be, there's no way it can beat Jeff Beck, Muse, Tom Petty and Pearl Jam.
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    Not a chance, unfortunately.

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