Beautiful Tomorrow

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    Even my heart can't convince me
    "Tomorrow will be wonderful
    The world will be bright again"
    I can't help but to lie to you
    "I'm better now
    Don't worry for me"

    Tonight snow covers the wound
    My promise lays another failure
    Tomorrow the cracking sky will shatter;
    And I'll leave you forever

    What do I have but the past
    Hopes are worth nothing
    I can't live without meaning anymore
    What do I have but the emptiness
    I'm fated to be left to nothing
    The sky is gray and I hold my last way out

    I love you, please don't ask of my tears now
    I don't want to lie to you again.

    My only solace is the memory that pains me
    I can't live without meaning you gave
    You aren't my hope anymore
    You're the last one to leave me, forever

    Our gray skies will disappear with me
    I hope tomorrow is beautiful for you again.

    What do I have but our past
    And hopes that fall apart
    I can't handle the burden anymore
    There is emptiness I cannot escape
    I believed my lies of a bright tomorrow
    But now I know the truth.
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    Jun 8, 2004
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    this is good, i like the wording, and it seemed to come from the heart

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