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    I just wondered if anyone else have heard about this band.

    They are a scottish band formed around the same time as LP. The first 3 albums weren't a commercial succes but it did gave them a small and strong fanbase.
    Those albums are very expirimental and hard to get into(as in not mainstream:lol:)
    After those 3 albums they sigend with WBR and released "puzzles" which was a more mainstream album and with "Only Revolutions" they definitly broke trough in England.
    They just released their 6th album called Opposites. Its a dubbel album and I think its a great album. I dont believe they are really famous in the US (neither here in holland btw) but in England they sell complete arena┬┤s! Some are saying they are even bigger than muse and coldplay, but hey opinions differ right.

    Check em out and let me know what you think!

    Im sorry for the spelling mistakes! :cleveland:
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    Cal LPA Super Member LPA Super Member

    Apr 9, 2003
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    MASSIVE Biffy fan, would say if your a fan of the Foo Fighters to check them out, very similar instrumentally. New double album Opposites is fantastic, will be number 1 in the charts tomorrow.

    This is one of my favourites on the new album. Potential single I reckon.
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    Bennington_Hahn This goes out to everybody still hatin' LPA VIP

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    haha yes I can proudly say I'm a big Biffy Fan now. Which is ironic as when I first heard/saw them Supporting Linkin Park back in 2008 I really disliked em' :lol:
    Not long after they supported LP, I saw them again with Muse at Wembley. Liked em a little better, but I still wasn't a fan. Their heavy songs where cool though. but i couldn't stand that "God & Satan" song. Then After that, I saw them supporting Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes Bowel with Jimmy Eat World. Then something clicked. I realised I really liked this band after all! so the following year I saw them AGAIN at the Download Festival Supporting Metallica. Now I could call myself a fan!

    I will be seeing them again for the 5th time this April when they go on their own headline tour at the O2. and I can't wait! :rastamike:

    oh and IMO their first 3 albums: "Blackened skies", "Vertigo of Bliss" and "infinity land" are their best. :chuck:
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