Cage of Desire

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    I cannot frame the sorrow I cannot see
    In you body, the playground of desire
    I'm clawing away mad; do you like that?

    There is a sick kindness in the pain I feel without reason
    Everytime I look in your eyes; should I feel this way?
    My feeling contract; I found a cage of desire in you.

    Self worshiper, self lover, self deceiver
    Your only beauty is in the time I have you
    I won't stay to see what you become after

    I have another, but I forget her name tonight
    She loves me but I love your body
    You're nothing but a memory once I have you.

    Self deciever you're crying alone in vanity
    And I can't fake my care behind my disgust
    The door shuts and you look to find no one

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