Can't Believe - A song I wrote once

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    Can't Believe

    I'm a fellow artist like many of you here, and I've been visiting this site since the days of Meteora hype. I feel like this forum has always been kind of a home of mine, and while I sometimes leave for quite some time, I always come back. Crazy to think, I was around 12 years old when I first started posting (Different, banned account because I had some very immature years I'm not super proud of but who didn't really you know for those looking at my register date). I've grown a lot alongside visiting this forum. My interest in Linkin Park has somewhat dwindled over the years. I've always been more a fan of their earlier work and overall style, but through all of my history with them I will always feel a connection to their music.

    While thinking of where to look for feedback to my music, one of the first places that came to mind was LPAssociation. My music is largely influenced by Linkin Park's, and I think that it could potentially connect with some of you. If even one person hears it and enjoys it, that would make me happy. That might also be sometime in the far distant future, who knows. My goal is to start spreading it more, and writing more now that I have finished college.

    But anyway, I didn't want to ramble too much. Enjoy the music.



    Walking through life never asking why
    You're not alone here

    Nobody knows

    I can't even believe it
    These things that you want me to think and say
    I can't even conceive it
    I can't even believe it
    Believe what you want to believe
    And I'll believe what I believe in
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