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Discussion in 'Other Music' started by Methybrea, Jun 25, 2006.

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    If anybody's interested, feel free to check out the website of the band I play in, The Mark Stewart Band/Rocketmen (same thing) where I play saxophone and bass. We play a lot of blues, jazz standards, rock n' roll and 70's rock/pop.

    We do a lot of bars/events in our area and a great band for dancin', drinkin', whatever you like. Its really fun to listen to (and play) and also everybody in the band are incredibly talented musicians. Mark has opened for acts like Kim Mitchell (world famous Canadian guitarist/singer), Saga (famous 70's prog rock) and Teenage Head.

    Go to: (band bio, setlist for Billy Joel/Elton John show, music) (same but more stuff on Mark)

    Unfortunately no audio of me hehe....I'm the sax player if you're wondering!

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