Chester Memorial at Citi Field - 7/28

Discussion in 'Chester Bennington' started by Schen The Genius, Jul 29, 2017.

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    Yesterday was suposed filled with fun, excitement, and music for a lot of us that were going to attend Blinkin Park at Citi Field. Instead, about 300 of us gathered together to remember Chester and everything he did for us, to help us and to perform for us. The past twelve hours, the past week have had it's ups and downs but I can't believe how many more friends I have now.

    Days leading up to the memorial, I wanted to take my guitar. I had it cleaned up, restringed and ready to go and I took the train all the way out to the stadium. I wanted so dearly to perform for Chester, for the band and to get everyone to join me. I wanted an LPU summit feel, the guys had just played in Grand Central Station for GMA and performed an acoustic set, so that's what I brought. I was hesitant because I wasn't sure if I could do it in front of so many strangers. In reality they weren't, these were some die-hard fans going through the same emotions as I was.

    I pulled out my acoustic after talking to Jose, he was responsible for putting the group together. Dustin urged me to do it, so I was pulled into the center of the circle. Before you knew it, cameras were out, phones were recording and I along with a few hundred Linkin Park fans started singing ' Shadow of the Day' in unison.

    Another guitarist joined, even a ukulele player, we hopped in the circuilar flower garden next to the apple and jammed. We ended up playing In The End, Numb, Leave Out All The Rest, even a little Rolling In the Deep acoustically and everyone enjoyed it.

    It amazes me just how strong this community remains. Chester is not forgotten, if anything he's still with us and fans who were once strangers, are friends. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

    I'll have pictures and video for you all later.

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    I saw videos of this on twitter! It was really cool looking. Looked like there were 3 guitarists and even a rapper from what I could tell.

    Really cool you got to be apart of it!

    I sadly have to miss my memorial tonight but I'm out having fun at a concert so I'll be fine.

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