Chris Potter - IMO Greatest of the "young" Tenor players....

Discussion in 'Other Music' started by Methybrea, Nov 17, 2006.

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    Most jazz followers are probably well aware of Chris Potter's saxophone prowess and his reputation as one of the most creative musical minds on the planet right now. The 35 year-old is currently playing and touring with the Dave Holland Quintet and he blew me away alonig with the rest of the group! He has an incredible sound as well as jaw-dropping technique but also a great sensitivity and taste for the music.

    For any jazz fans or just anyone who just wants to hear an amazing piece of music I'm first of all gonna put this live bootleg of him playing the jazz standard "All the Things You Are" a capella at a clinc at the Manhattan School of Music. It really sums up his genius and creativity, 12 minutes of improvised music that ranges from bop to baroque/classical influences to hints of rock/pop and blues here and there. He's a monster plain and simple.

    If this inspires you at all, go to

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