Concerts... Some questions I have.

Discussion in 'On Stage' started by jessiexo, Dec 31, 2010.

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    So I'm going to my first LP show on Feb 7 in Montreal :) So excited!

    But I have a question (sorry if this was posted before) but I usually line up for 6-7 hours for most shows and grab the best seat in the house but those were all for spring/summer/fall shows...

    As some of you may know, the beginning of February is a painfully cold month in Canada and I don't think i can wait out 6 hours outside xD

    Do arenas allow people to line up indoors during the winter? Or is that not allowed?

    And on another note... for LPU M&G's, I signed up for one and I'm just wondering if you lose your spot in the pit? I heard you miss the opening bands for the M&G and then go back for their set. If that's true, is the M&G worth not being front row for? I personally just LOVE the energy of being front row and the amount of interaction there is and I'm having trouble deciding if 5 seconds with the band is worth being stuck at the back for. If you HAVE been to a M&G, how far can you squish yourself forward??

    Thanks :)
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    Gloomy Mushroom

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    1) It really depends on the arenas themselves and their individual policies, most of them make you wait outside until the front doors open. If you're in the pit, they'll make you wait longer because you don't have assigned seats like the seated people do.
    2) Trust me, losing your spot to go to M&G is worth it, in my opinion. Because you actually get to meet them, not just see them in concert.
    3) Squishing yourself forward is somewhat frowned upon in the pit, unless you "accidentally" move forward while you're being pushed side to side by people invading your personal space.
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    Grow some balls and take on the crowd, full force. You won't get front row at Linkin Park though.

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