End of the Line

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    End of the Line
    by Babali

    Switching on the flashing lights
    Eyes that bring my head to boiling
    Underneath the stains of love
    And words that have all lost their meanings

    Just like Jesus never dies
    You will be exactly who you are
    And bend the broken paperclip
    Expanding out in to the Heavens

    Stare around the camp
    See if it'll take you in

    I guess hungry battles didn't mean enough to me
    Breeding sanctuaries underneath the Bodhi Trees
    Sitting higher on the throne hold the gold in front of me

    We decide to lay down
    Kneel before the human altar

    It is no use to make believe right now
    You're dealing with the disbelievers now
    It's hard to make the best of your time
    You're feeling wise but you're still at the end of the line

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