FAIN band professional demo tape.

Discussion in 'Your Projects' started by deadman34, Jul 18, 2012.

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    Jul 18, 2012
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    Hello out there!

    This is Matt from FAIN band. We have recently recorded a professional demo tape and we'd very much like to get to know what you think of it.
    We're from Poland and it's practically impossible to sign in to a record label there, especially with the music we're making (influenced with american bands + all the lyrics we have are in English) and that is why we're trying to promote ourselves as much as we possibly can. Sadly, music industry in Poland promotes only kitsch and plastic dolls of the so called "pop" music, so bands like us have no chances of getting promoted...

    Here's the link to our demo tape and sound preview (SoundCloud service):

    And here's the link to our facebook profile (click "like" if what you're hearing sounds good to you :))

    You can really help us by sharing our material and fanpage with others.

    Looking forward to your opinions!
    Best, Matt from FAIN!
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    Maxxor222 Sup'

    May 24, 2012
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    wow, this song sounds really professional, the sound is very clear and that ritmic guitar is epic! i love specially the last part of the song, when it comes calm and then the chorus repeats. The song have great lyrics i liked them a lot i think it's a real good work here, you have so much future ;) hope soon you can sign with a record label. Keep it up! :D

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