Final Masquerade isn't my favorite song from THP because it's the most impressive instrumentally or

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    The song for me was Powerless. It came out at the perfect time, just like your story. I was going through an extremely abusive relationship from 2010 to the middle of 2012, it was a long two and a half years. My ex-girlfriend was a drug addict (addicted to painkillers like Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycontin, etc.). She stole from me and my family many times. She would beg me to get her money (anywhere from 30 to 100 dollars a day) practically everyday. She would have sex with people behind my back for drugs.

    One day in the summer of 2012, I went to the Honda Civic Tour in Mansfield, MA. She would not go with me because she was dope sick and didn't want to go during that. I got home from the concert, only to find that she had basically robbed my Grandmother's house, stealing laptops, expensive cameras, a television and more. She sold them for drugs, of coarse. The worst part was that she set it all up that way because she knew I would be out of town to see Linkin Park that day. She forget her iPod at my Grandmother's house which had all the information on it, all the conversations about how it went down, etc.

    After that day, we broke up, and I have not spoken to her since and I never plan on seeing her again for the rest of my life. It was very hard for me because I loved her to death and the whole process was extremely hard for me to deal with. Powerless helped me because I felt powerless in my relationship, I felt powerless because I could not help her, I could not help myself, because of her drug addiction. I have lost many friends because of her. I have lost family members because of her. I have a bad reputation, all because of her. Her family turned against me and made up lies about me to discredit my name. Her family has a history of mental illness that I did not know about at the time, and I later found out that my girlfriend also had mental illness. She would often pit me against her family, because they did not approve of her being around ME, she literally flipped it on me and made it seem like I was the bad guy. She was a master manipulator. She destroyed my life, while I sat there, powerless. Maybe I could have been stronger and removed myself from the situation, but I was young and I felt extremely ''powerless'' because I could not bring myself to change, no matter how hard I tried. Lines in the song like ''I watched you fall apart and chased you to the end'' connected with me on a deep emotional level.

    This is probably the only Linkin Park song so far that I have deeply related to and the situation was very hard. It took me a long time to get over it, but I eventually did. I know what it feels like to want to reach out to anyone that will listen, I reached out to friends that I met in the LP community and stuff, I wanted to write about it because it made me feel a little better. I am sorry you had to deal with a traumatic experience like that. The people that have normal break-ups are lucky in that regard. I know that you can make it through as well. It will be very hard and long, but you can do it, and one day you can look back on it all, like I am now.
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