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    To me, Grabbitz is one of the 'conservative' EDM artists, whereas he doesn't overdo/overlayer his sounds. He keeps it simplistic yet subtly complex. Subtly complex because there are soft intricate sounds that add depth underneath the simple but ear-catching sounds in the forefront. A great example of this is on his track, "Make You Mine" from the album Better With Time.

    "Make You Mine" has made me tear up heavily. I am single and lost a special someone over a year ago, yet the song still moves me as a single man.

    His conservatism reminds me of Trent Reznor's conservatism. Trent makes complex pieces but they sound nothing like, for example, Skrillex.. or David Guetta.. etc. Trent makes multiple sounds inside one song but they don't sound overly layered either. What I like about conservatism is the intimacy you get with the music. The music sounds close and warm. If someone can link me similar artists to Trent or Grabbitz, I'd really appreciate it. I need more new music.
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