Music I make music under the name "Hybrid The Casual."

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    Since April, I have been playing around with the demo version of FL Studio. Since May, I have made a total of thirteen instrumental tracks, with lyrics for most of them, that will be released tomorrow under the name "Broadcast."

    They are not 100% perfect, nor should they be expected to be under the same roof as more famous artists (of course), but for what they are, I still think they're pretty interesting, and I hope you do too.

    I have released two songs so far, and the full album will be released tomorrow.

    Here are the two songs released:

    My music is inspired by Linkin Park, Gorillaz, Hollywood Undead, The Prodigy, and more. My music is all done in different styles, with the intent on having each track be a different style.

    If you like the music and want to support me, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and become a patron:

    If you like my music, patreons who join today will get to hear the songs today. :)

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