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    Hey what up LPU'ers...Wow this past week i've been so excited and hyped about LP, not only because their long anticipated album METEORA is about to hit stores in about 15 days. But because i've been listenin to Linkin Park since November 2001, but just yesterday I joined LPU and got tickets to this upcoming Wednesday's LP concert. How sweet is that??:p Now i get to go to LPU concert with my best friend...and this morning we got our third friend an LPU concert ticket....and later this afternoon we got my best friend's girlfriend and sister tickets!!! :confused: WOW! I thought tickets were sold out for the Roseland Ballroom, but its like LP is throwing tickets left and right! That Rulez :D ( You gotta love LP for that ) ANywayz...we were so hyped today about all going to the LPU concert...that we listened to K-rock just to hear SIB...then we find out that LP is going to be there at 4:30 at the K-rock studios!!!!! :eek: !!!!! Me and my friend immediately got early out of our college and went to Manhattan. We got there around 3:00....and we were waiting in the cold till like 4:30. I was surprised cuz there were only three other LP fans waiting outside...so we were sure to get a piece of the action from LP :cool: <---( not in that way :D ) Anyways i had brought my Hybrid Theory LP..and so had my friend plus his camera!...So the security from the K-rock building comes out and asks us if we were waiting for LP...we said yes..and he told us they were comin in about 15 ( he waz pretty cool ) and 15 min. later around 4:30...LP showed up in a little white whineybago type bus....i saw Chester get off the bus along with Rob and Brad....I of course went immediately after chester....i was suprised that the 3 other people along with my best friend froze when they saw him...My first reaction was "Hey Chester You Rock"....he then said "thanks" and came towards me...i shook his hand and i pulled out my Hybrid Theory cover and i had a pen...and i give him the pen to sign it and as hes signing THE PEN DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: !!!!!! He then looks at me and i say "#### the pen doesnt work" and he says..."damn..after our radio interview i'll sign" Then Rob came over to tell Chester they had to go luckily my best friend got to snap a pic of Chester shakin my hand!....then a dude gave him a marker to sign his pic...thats when i told chester if he could sign mine with his marker....and he signed my H.T. booklet along with my friends...before going into the building.....there was a sigh of relief in me :eek: !:p BUt we still hadnt gotten Brad or Rob's autograph or pics....so we hear there Radio Interview on K-rock....and after they are done me and my friend stay by the door waiting for them to come out again....it was about 5:20 when they came back out...and my best friend immediately went after chester to get a pic with him... ( smart.....:cool: ) While i went after Rob and Brad..because i hadnt gotten my H.T. autographed by them...so then i tell Brad...."you guys rock i cant wait to see you guys on wednesday" hes like "thanks....im looking forward to performing here again" he then passed the marker to Rob...and i told rob "U guys rule for giving tickets to LPU members...i appreciate it...." hes like "thanks we try to give you guys what you deserve"...i then give him a high five as he finishes signing my H.T. LP. I then go after Chester to get a pic with him but hes in a rush...and gets in the bus....:( ! :mad: ! My best friend is then getting signed by Rob ...but Brad escapes and doesnt sign his H.T....So i didnt get to take a pic with Chester and my best friend didnt get to get Brad's autograph! :mad: All in All it was a hell of a day by meeting CHESTER, BRAD AND ROB!!!! TWO DAYS BEFORE the actual concert!!! Wow talk about METEORA MANIA!!!!......im kinda bummed out because Mike Shinoda, Phoneix and Mr Hahn werent there...but hey maybe next time....:( Its all good! So that was our encounter with LP.....My Best Friend has the pics of him with chester and chester shaking my hand..in his digital camera..he said he would put them up in one of his messageboards so if u want the pics just Message me back or wait till my best friend posts them up.....It was a moment i will never forget in my life!!! Meeting half of Linkin Park especially Chester!!!:D im still hyped....i cant wait for Wednesday and Meteora!! Ok guys...take care just thought i'd share my experience with you guys...Feel free to post your reactions..and comments or questions about my LP Experience!!!! Later
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