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Discussion in 'Your Projects' started by ...Lauren?, Mar 8, 2008.

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    ...And Shine Heaven Now (Hellsing fanart)

    Jennifer's Tatoo design

    ...and now as a... t-shirt design?

    We're All Mad Here (pretty sure I already posted this here)


    Okay, I entered this art competition (anyone on my deviantART knows about it and the events that ensued after the awards were announced, and I'm not going to write the rant or results again so [link])

    Some of the Christian school parents at the competion were REALLY pissed about my artwork. My boyfriend was there and he told someone "My girlfriend did that painting for me" and her reply was "Well then, we're praying for you honey." :disgust:

    Only one of my drawings went to state and that was because it was in a relatively small category.
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    Radish Guest

    Oh my goodness.
    You are so freaking talented!
    I love it! Especially the last one! It's so perfect. :)

    I'm a Christian, and go to a Christian school, but I don't see a problem with your work.

    They're probably just extremists, don't worry. :)

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