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    Hello fellow LPA members!

    My former classmate and friend from high school is an aspiring Singer/Songwriter. He's a very talented singer, actor, and musician. He's looking to make a debut album, BUT, he can't do so without the proper funds. To get the funds, he's currently campaigning on the website ArtistSignal. If he were to win the most amount of votes, he would receive $10,000 to help fund his debut album. Here's where you come in! It would be totally awesome if you could follow the link that I will provide below. Following the link, you can go check out some of his great music, and sign in to Facebook to vote for him! It would be great if you could vote for him, he would greatly appreciate it! The dude is talented, please help him follow his dream! :)
    You can vote once per hour. Go help him out! :)

    Also, here's a song from his EP "First Date" that's available on iTunes, that isn't in the link above. Hope you enjoy it!

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