Night Of Silence.

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    Akidfrompa Well-Known Member

    Dec 15, 2006
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    If anyone can fidgure out the mean to this song, I'd be amazed.

    A distant flower blooms in darkness
    You and your portrait and the lie displayed cruelly.

    It wants to birth alone in white
    A lie of hope sinks in to red
    Until the dream is gone too

    If wounds are meant to heal
    Why does time stand still?
    The screaming voice remains alone
    Was the only hope a lie too?

    The heart pressed with the memory
    Can this be the night that ends sorrow?

    It blurs to an image of white...

    Changing shapes in the sky
    It's changing and reaching beautifully to the promise of hope

    Crumbling into nothing the shape shudders
    The promise is broken to marrow and neglect

    It's moving far away with the tears
    Settling into the screams holding hope
    That hope was everything.

    The heart pressed without memories
    Only to settle on that one night
    The heart pressed with the despair
    Is this the night to end sorrow?

    It settles in dark rushing through
    That hope for life
    It settles in dark rushing through the memories of
    That want for love

    Was the dying voice that is now in the sky
    It can only wait to join arms again.
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    esaul17 antichrist

    Jun 17, 2004
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    It seems to me to be about a person whose lover dies. Maybe things in the relationship were going badly beforehand, or maybe she was slowly dying of a disease. Either way, things were not perfect, but you could cling to the hope that it would all turn out okay. In her death, that hope vanished with her.

    It seems upon doing this, you want to die. Every night you wish to end your own life and "end the sorrow". You wish to meet her in the afterlife, in heaven (as is represented by the sky). The sky now represents the hope that you lost with her, as a chance to see her again.

    But you cannot bring yourself to end your own life. Possibly because you know she wouldn't want that, because there are others that care about you, because it is said to be a sin that would keep you from heaven, or because you simply lack the resolve. You see this, and realize you "can only wait" to die and "join (her) arms once again."

    Was I close? By the way, I thought it was a good poem :).
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    Arlene Oh what tangled webs we weave LPA Super Member

    Mar 25, 2007
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    I agree with Esaul, that's what I was kinda getting out of it. :p

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