Pain of Salvation drops bass player, writing new album.

Discussion in 'Other Music' started by Methybrea, Mar 1, 2006.

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    Progressive metal band Pain of Salvation are writing a new album entitled "Scarsick" that is apparently more "band-oriented" than their previous release "BE", a concept piece done with a 10-piece mini-orchestra.

    Also, they have parted with their bass player, Daniel's brother Kristoffer. Myself and many others regard him as one of the most versatile and talented bass players in metal right now, so this will be a huge loss for the band. Here's a list of requirements for the new Pain of Salvation bassist straight from the website, which is basically what Kristoffer was like, so if you are a bassist interested in joining a band check it out:

    1. You are a very, very good bass player that masters slapping/tapping/finger/pick on both fretted and fretless 6-string basses.
    2. You are a fast learner with a very good ear.
    3. You have a good voice with a decent range and are used to singing harmonies.
    4. You are driven and responsible and can learn the earlier albums basically on your own.
    5. You live in Sweden, or maybe you are so rich that you can take a private jet there two or three times a week. In any case, there will basically be rehearsals that often, and you need to be able to be there somehow.
    6. You are a nice girl or a boy of say 20-35 that loves music in many forms.
    7. You don't do drugs, and you are very restrictive with alcohol (never a drop before a show).


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