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Discussion in 'The Living Room' started by Christopher, Sep 5, 2009.

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    I also prefer PC because they're cheeper and thus easier for me to mod. :lol: I mean right now I have a very old computer but still, it works well enough.

    Also I've been dealing with PC's for like ever. I think since I was 5 or maybe before. I remember having a 386 with just DOS, and those 5 and 1/4 inch floppy disks. I use to program with qbasic a lot. Also remember using an atari and a comodore 64 and an apple II i think.. Plus I know what all the things are in my PC and what does what and what not, so it's easy for me to know if something goes bad and I can easily replace it. Nut mostly I learned html, how to use the internet, how to do just about everything on a PC when I was a child so it's natural I have a liking to the PC. I forgot everything I know about programming though, even though I took a programming class in HS. :lol:
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    What I was saying was that technically, unless it's a memory upgrade, you really shouldn't have to upgrade a Mac.

    That's good if you're only sure you'll be able to afford the initial computer cost. So if you're unsure about being able to afford an upgrade later on down the road and you've got the cash, you probably should get the Mac.

    Plus, on the upgrade/tweaking thing... most people don't upgrade as much as people would think/like to claim. The average user doesn't need Linux or some customizable shit, because they're not going to be doing that much tweaking. Only computer experts/power users/pretentious asses would use Linux and a shitload of computer upgrades, etc.

    Not being an ass here, that's just the truth of the matter.

    Also, power user = someone who uses multiple operating systems, and sees the good and bad in all of them. Basically, they don't really favor one system over the other in an all around type way. In one area, yeah. As a general "I like Windows better" way, no.
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    Regardless of what you're using, http phishing emails are the same across any OS.

    And if someone manages to get a virus downloading mp3 files, god help them :lol:

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