Presenting: The Flower Kings - "Paradox Hotel"

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    The new Flower Kings album is called "Paradox Hotel"
    The release date is March 24th, 2006.
    Here is the cover:


    Room 111 (disc One):

    01. Check In (Bodin) 1:37
    02. Monsters & Men (Stolt) 21:21
    03. Jealousy (Stolt) 3:22
    04. Hit Me With A Hit (Stolt) 5:32
    05. Pioneers Of Aviation (Stolt) 7:49
    06. Lucy Had A Dream (Bodin/Stolt) 5:28
    07. Bavarian Skies (Bodin/Stolt) 6:34
    08. Selfconsuming Fire (Stolt) 5:49
    09. Mommy Leave The Light On (Stolt) 4:38
    10. End On A High Note (Stolt) 10:43

    Room 222 (disc Two):

    01. Minor Giant Steps (Stolt) 12:12
    02. Touch My Heaven (Bodin) 6:08
    03. The Unorthodox Dancinglesson (Stolt) 5:24
    04. Man Of The World ( Reingold/Stolt/Bodin) 5:55
    05. Life Will Kill You (Fröberg) 7:03
    06. The Way The Waters Are Moving (Bodin/Stolt) 3:12
    07. What If God Is Alone (Reingold/Stolt/Fröberg) 6:58
    08. Paradox Hotel (Stolt/Bodin) 6:29
    09. Blue Planet (Stolt) 9:42


    Roine Stolt: guitars, vocal
    Tomas Bodin: keyboards, backing vocal
    Hans Froberg: vocal, guitar
    Jonas Reingold: Bass, acoustic guitar, vocal
    Marcus Liliequist: drums, percussion, backing vocal
    Hasse Bruniusson: Marimba & assorted percussion

    For any prog fans here! I am sure excited at a double album. Supposed to be more symphonic, psychadelic prog, which is good with me. Daniel Gildenlow is not involved, and Zoltan is out of the band so hopefully the new drummer will be a solid replacement.

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