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    So, here's the nuclear launch facility? I'd really want you guys to hear some of my music and rate it. Here is the announcement for it:

    Snow White Men
    "Sorrow Eyes"

    Tracklist (based on Demos i have halfway finshed now)
    1. Intro (Piano and Guitar Intro)
    2. Sorrow Eyes (rapping and singing, smooth track with lots of piano and guitar)
    3. The Annihilator (has no vocals yet, but a cool outro guitar solo)
    4. Son Of The Fallen (heavy rap/scream track with much stereo playing and a guitar solo.)
    5. Alaska Highway (chilling bone, atmospheric acoustic track with acoustic guitar and piano)
    6. Missing
    7. Across The Borders
    8. Obsession
    9. Rising Sun
    10. This Is Life
    11. Storm

    i can upload some DEMOS if you guys want to hear it.

    i can post a few lyrics here too
    (a few of them are poetic, a few of them are personal, and a few of them are... yeah.. "hear me now mother*fucker.. ya know.."
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