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Discussion in 'On Stage' started by indelautz, Mar 3, 2003.

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    Feb 23, 2003
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    Hi everybody, here is a little review of the LP show in Paris. Yesterday, i went to the show at 19:40, god u havn t to be late cause the show started just 10 minutes later. No first part :(, but a beautifull stage....i ll send the pictures later :).
    As in Milan and Hambourg, the show was very short but what a show....When the arrived on stage Chester looks very "tired"(understand what u want), but he made a crazy show(how can he run like this).They play 15 songs including the" encore ". They start with .....a new song sorry but i don t manage getting a set list, the security don t allow me to go on stage at the end of the show....:( So the second song was "Somwhere i belong" and then they start with runnaway if i remenber...They made many new songs and 2 of them are future hits...:). After "in the end" the show stops for 10 minutes. After they came for 2 more songs finishing the show as usual with "one step closer".

    So even if the show was a little short, it was an excellent show with a super athmosphere.
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    Feb 11, 2003
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    It was the best day of my life!! The concert was exceptionnal!! A very good athmosphere.. I was in front of them!! there were really near me.. o my god... i can't realize... I took Photos.. i think i will scann Them...

    the set list =>

    Don't Stay
    Somewhere I Belong
    Lying From You
    Points of Authority
    From The Inside
    Hit The Floor
    With You
    In The End

    Easier To Run
    A Place For My Head
    One Step Closer

    Songs of Meteora are very very very good... Lying from you is The best That i had heard..

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