Writing: Rising Up

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    A rap verse I penned:

    I'm floating higher than Columbia, crashing into Atlantis
    Over the skies up above, plans mapped out like an Atlas
    If I don't see what I want, I just scratch out the canvas
    And it's about restarting life like a game
    But I don't have infinite life to gain
    Hard to start right, it's a pain sharper than a needle in a vein
    For me, living ain't vain, no, it's just not easy to remain sane
    Isolated but not cold, it's like the winter surrounded by a single flame
    But then I grow, and I'm insulated by the outlet that keeps me a little tame
    That's because rapping is my expression and the words are my face
    And it keeps me grounded, learning lessons, and the verse is my space

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