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    got it on cd saturday :D

    1. lovely! Love it. great track.
    2. good but should have been part of requiem
    3. a bit long and not best track but a classic i think. just needed more instruments. and more electronic!
    4. pointless
    5. brilliant! The best bit is when the rapping stops all though the rapping is awesome. Is this against the fans obsessed with their earlier stuff? :p listen to the lyrics.
    6. Amazing piano tune, great song. maybe my fave on album apart from catalyst.
    sounds bit u2 tho
    7. Ok
    8. Good good. Not the best song. needs more instrument and sound to dig to your teeth into
    9. GREAT. what the whole album should have been like with the electronicy metal. Great performance from chester though wish he returned like the earlier bits at the end.
    10. ok. hard beat. ok to listen to, not amazing tune though.
    11. made my skin crawl
    12. good. unoriginal but good!catchy a bit
    13. completely pointless, like empty space
    14. best song on album
    15 bit of a mess but wouldnt turn it off. the tune and lyrics are spellbinding. but chesters voice could have been a bit calmer for this track

    overall needed more great songs! :D

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