Skylar Grey - Natural Causes (2016)

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    So Skylar Grey suddenly announced that her third album, Natural Causes, which will be out Sept. 23 (THIS MONTH!!). After a another series of movie soundtrack songs and a few buzz singles, it's pretty surprising to see her back.

    1. Intro - Wilderness
    2. Jump
    3. Lemonade
    4. Kill for You (feat. Eminem)
    5. Come Up for Air
    6. Real World
    7. Straight Shooter
    8. Off Road
    9. In My Garden
    10. Moving Mountains
    11. Picture Perfect
    12. We Used to be Bad
    13. Closer​
    Here's a few observations:
    *The songs are much more solemn and nature-inspired than the stuff from Don't Look Down. They feel like a mix of her DLD stuff, her Holly Brook material and her goth phase.
    *She seems to have a lot more fun making this album. It feels a lot more musically diverse.
    *She's still under Interscope/Kidinakorner. Eminem is featured in one song and they co-produce a few tracks.
    *It's kinda weird that her recent shows feature the whole new album, and "Dance Without You" and "Cannonball" are the only old songs she performs.
    *She's 30, holy crap.
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    I can't wait to hear Kill for You and the video for Come up for Air is incredible!

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