The Lovers Game

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    The dilapidated home
    That isn't so sweet
    Seems to always have the most
    Welcome mat
    That money couldn't afford

    In that placement
    You lose hope
    From cabinet doors
    Only placed to hold back
    The rats
    That always manage
    To open them up again

    In the race of instinct
    Flight takes the lead
    Against it's adversary
    That would die to stand and fight
    If he wasn't already

    And with such inquisitive steps
    That ring like sirens
    Every time you try to hide
    Secrets beneath their floorboards
    It never is a surprise
    How much gossip
    Their hungry mouths are fed

    Through the wedding bed sounds
    That were never given the ceremony
    Contradicting laughter shuts to
    Absolute silence
    Or the closest thing that could be achieved

    Light bulbs left to burn out
    And bathtubs left to overfill
    While vanity
    Vacuums attention
    And shows how disgusting
    The gazer has become

    And from all the hopes of
    Washing it all off
    The guilt
    The shame
    From the lovers game
    Of lies and deceits
    The water leaves a cherry red stain
    As a small reminder
    That god
    Is only trying to save himself
    From us.

    Entrances intended on being forgotten
    Tip toeing through church doors
    Hoping god won't notice
    Those too scared to come clean
    And the only confession that is made
    Are locked in the rooms
    That harbor more sin
    Than all others before today

    A theater mask
    Plays the puppet master
    Leading the lost on the left turn
    That was never intended
    To the car cash
    That was somehow not penciled in today

    Entrances made unnoticed
    Run through the cemeteries
    Trying to reach out
    To say all that they couldn't before
    Amidst the weeping lovers
    Kept in darkness
    And if they only knew the truth...

    As cinnibar curtains close
    The audience praises to be alive
    So they may take it for granted
    All over again.
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