The "Story" Behind A Thousand Suns

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    I'm kind of surprised there isn't already a thread like this. What is the "story" you guys saw in your mind/came away with from ATS? Not a review of how you liked each track, but the "story" as a whole. This might turn into kinda a lengthy post but I'm going to give what I think (or am unsure of) from each track as I believe ATS deserves something like this.

    1. The Requiem
    The track just kinda sets the mood for what's to come. Perhaps some type of prediction?

    2. The Radiance

    Again to set the mood, perhaps the bombs have already been built and had just been tested?

    3. Burning In The Skies

    This track kinda confuses me. It's the first track and it seems as though something has already happened, and that perhaps someone feels like they don't deserve forgiveness? Has the war just started? The lyrics are also referenced near the end of the story as well...kinda feels like this should of been placed later on in the album maybe? I'm not sure, it just kinda confuses me lol

    4. Empty Spaces
    The fight is going, and some are marching, some perhaps forcefully?

    5. When They Come For Me
    Again kind of a confusing one. I believe Mike is maybe a smart student that the military wants to use for the war to develop more bombs, but he doesn't want to so he flees. Or is he just a rebel?

    6. Robot Boy
    Sounds like this person has been affected by the war in some way (maybe lost a loved one because of it). He obviously doesn't agree with the war, but doesn't want to fight against it either. He has become somewhat cold towards others, and closed himself off.

    7. Jornada Del Muerto
    Journey Of The Dead....Mochiagete, tokihanashite (Lift me up, Let me go) The last words of the dieing.

    8. Waiting For The End
    People are starting to rally together to fight back. Later after the rally a couple people (friends, or brothers) in the rebellion while in battle were critically injured. One of them does not survive, and the other has to watch the other die, and eventually has to leave them. Later as the surviving friend or brother sits alone still grieving, trying to forget what happened and get over it, but is unable to do so.

    9. Blackout
    Oppression is bad here. This person/people are Pissed. ...The ending is a bit confusing...I see missiles coming down that are very bright, so bright in fact that it turns the ground white. As people watch them rise and fall from the sky, it appears as though they welcome them?

    10. Wretches And Kings
    At first it seems like the oppressor is controlling things, but then the rebels fight back and the oppressors lose their control.

    11. Wisdom, Justice, And Love
    As the speech goes on to say that war cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice and love, the nuke(s) are launched.

    12. Iridescent
    In the wake of the impact. One of the survivors feels as though everything has been destroyed or lost. He/she feels so much pain and anger, however voices are telling this person to let these feelings go. I'm not sure if by "letting go" the voices mean to let it all out, or to just forget it, and move on.

    13. Fallout
    Again going back to what I said in the beginning I'm not really sure about this.

    14. The Catalyst
    After the nuke(s) were dropped, it united people like never before; even people outside of the conflict. With thoughts of "Are we really going to just sit around and let that happen to those people? If something isn't done, that could be us." Then we are taken to that place, where the people are uniting and praying for help....while some of critically injured wish to just be "let go" and allowed to pass on...

    15. The Messenger
    Through all of the destruction that has occurred, through all of the pain everyone has, and the loss. We need to stick together. Even when you think you're lost and the only one, there are others that love and care about you. You need to remember this because love is what keeps us kind. :) It's what can prevent these things from happening again.

    Anyways that's my take on the "story" I've only listened to it a few times so maybe things will become more clear, or drastically change what I currently think.

    What is your guys thoughts of it all? Share! Maybe it will fill in some things for me, or allow me to see it in a different way. :)
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    I agree with most of this but I think When They Come For Me is about the "old school" Linkin Park fans and how they hate everything new that LP puts out. ("once you have a theory of how the thing works, everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first," "I am not the fortune or the fame nor the same person telling you to forfeit the game," "try to catch up motherfucker.")
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    Abel Chester Bennington saved my life.

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    I don't really know the EXACT song meanings behind each song, but all I can say is that ATS is definitely about nuclear warfare or humanity in general (When They Come For Me could be about everyone going after you and defense, I have no idea.) This is definitely art film material.
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    Even though this is just sheer opinion...
    You, sir, are a genius.
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    What I think the album is not really a war/apocalypse kind of theme, though there are some messages in some of the songs that could be consider that it is, but a story of emotions that people go through in life with possibly a kind of sort of "destruction" around them happening while dealing with these emotions and or conflicts. I can't really say what the whole album is about but my best guess so far is someone who is going through a stage of mixed but mostly negative emotions with a kind of "destruction" theme surrounding them and it effects them in ways of starting out with a sense of hopelessness but later on builds up to forgiveness and hope. Maybe this is how we would all react in the face of destruction. I really hope I made some sense cause I think I lost a couple of people who where reading this...

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