The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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    Has anyone here played this absolute masterpiece?

    I bought the game for my Xbox One when it came out last may and I hated it. Idk what it was, but something just felt off with it. Played for a few hours, then started Dark Souls 2 instead (another masterpiece)

    However, since the game started getting a ton of awards, I figured I must've really missed something special in this game. I picked it up in a Steam sale a few days later, and boy let me tell ya, it was the best $30 I've ever spent. I actually feel like I stole something for paying that little for this experience.

    The difference between the PC version and the console version is immense. It was much more intuitive, immersive, fluid, and engaging for some reason. Anywho:

    -This game is so engrossing that at times you do not feel as if you're playing a game, but you are really Geralt of Rivia and you are really a witcher. It is that immersive.

    -Every choice you make in the game has a consequence. A REAL consequence on you and the world; it could be something as little as dissing a guy who's insulting you or ignoring him that causes a gang of thugs to attack you sometime later or not. Your choices are not black and white and their effects are NEVER made clear to you. Oftentimes, you will think over your choices for a few minutes before making a decision. Now that is role-playing.

    -The combat is good in the vanilla version, but with a few mods it competes with the likes of Dark Souls and any game from Platinum Games; it's fast, fluid, elegant, and gory. You have sword play, basic magic, and alchemy to fight with.

    -The progression and leveling systems let you build a character unique to your playstyle; if you like magic, you can go for a build that delivers lots of magic damage. Or, if you like sword fighting but want to be able to boost your abilities with potions, you can go for an alchemy build. Etc...

    -The story, characters, world, and lore are incomprehensibly amazing. You really get attached to the characters you meet, the story is extremely well paced and can be shaped by your choices in other quests, the enormous world is bursting with content and is meticulously detailed, and the lore is extremely fleshed out.

    If you haven't played this game, I strongly urge you to give it a whirl, especially if you have a capable gaming PC.

    Here is a gallery of screenshots I took over the course of my 147 hour journey through the game: some spoilers in the last 10 pics or so.

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