Writing: Whatever Kills You

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    I wrote this piece for Creative Writing poetry class. Basically, the verse is a metaphor for whatever kill ya slowly. Whether drugs, depression etc. The twist is, it's from the perspective of that substance or depression, and what it does to you.

    "I'm violence incarnate
    Hiding in your compartment,
    Behind the windows of your car's tint
    The silence is harnessed
    Waiting till you're alone so I can call in
    Fill me up with what harm's shit
    Whether the weather
    Has ya armed with it or in your apartment,
    I'm gonna pop off the lock, ironic,
    Cause I'm suicide's second choice next to the glock
    Lock it, and look at your family's locket
    A big boy toy, I'm Christmas to the lost then
    Want a shot as powerful as I am?
    The less you feel, the more I condemn
    Hours pull but you don't have a plan
    Pick me up like jacks,
    If ya let go,
    I don't jam
    Born to end
    They say I'm automatic,
    Sporadic, a cartridge to your heart
    That's an arrest you don't test to start
    So start and get passive
    Say your peace or get blasted
    Take your pleads cause I'm erratic
    Make sure you say your last words to your fam
    Hate the burn of motivation's last stand,
    But I'm on some soul to take shit, your last fan"

    I'd like some feedback. @Tony V. Thanks fam. :)
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