Wiikipedia members to edit ATS page needed.

Discussion in 'Linkin Park Chat' started by the enigma, Aug 4, 2010.

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    I was looking for the essay that featured the phrase "[...] a thousand suns [...]" and came across the Wikipedia page for the album.


    There is quite a bit of information that is wrong on this page, as if it was made by someone who didn't pay very much attention to their sources. For example, the alternate artwork that was featured here on LPA is posted as the "Digital Edition cover," and it quotes Bennington saying 2 years ago that it was a concept album, but doesn't bother mentioning that Mike has squashed that particular notion.

    Essentially there is a bunch of info wrong and omitted, but I am a new member of Wikipedia and can't edit the page myself.

    Is there anyone here who has a Wiki account and is willing to amend the page?

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