Wolfmother / Andrew Stockdale - Keep Moving (Released March 7, 2013)

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    After 2 years of lineup changes, going independent from Interscope, and Andrew Stockdale officially announcing the disbanding of Wolfmother altogether, the long-awaited, heavily anticipated record that seemed like it was never going to come out has OFFICIALLY DROPPED ON SOUNDCLOUD.


    1. "Long Way to Go"
    2. "Somebodies Calling"
    3. "Keep Moving"
    4. "Let Somebody Love You"
    5. "Vicarious"
    6. "Occurred to Me"
    7. "Ghetto"
    8. "She's a Motorhead"
    9. "Year of the Dragon"
    10. "Meridian"
    11. "Off the Earth"
    12. "Let It Go"
    13. "Country"
    14. "Suitcase"

    Andrew Stockdale has gone solo, and the future of Wolfmother is uncertain, but whatever happens, we can feel that little bit happy in our hearts as Wolfmother fans that LP3 has finally hit home, and what better way to go out with a bang. This record is amazing considering Wolfmother's fallout since Cosmic Egg.

    The album is currently untitled for some reason, but Stockdale wishes to call the album Keep Moving after the third track on the album.

    Stockdale mentioned the possibility of a 4-track EP officially releasing on March 19, a day already scheduled to be a very fucking busy day for music, so there's that!

    Discuss the new album below.

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