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Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by Michele, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Michele Praise Brad Delson, our Lord and Savior. LPA Addict

    Apr 29, 2014
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    After my first Festival ever (Open Flair 2014/ Eschwege,Germany ), i want to start a thread about YOUR festival experiences.

    I will start:

    How i said, my first festival was the Open Flair Festival 2014 in Eschwege, Germany.
    It was from Tuesday , August 5th until Sunday, August 10th.
    Eschwege is a little town in Germany so the whole village was into the festival somehow.

    But back to topic.

    I had a really good time on this festival. Good organsation, many good bands and more or less really friendly persons.

    Bands you guys could know:

    Apologies, I have Non
    Eat The Gun
    Etter Shikari
    Jimmy Eat World
    Rise Against
    Steel Panther

    Some bigger German acts:
    Dritte Wahl
    Fiddlers Green

    Well, i will tell you know about some bands i saw:

    Well, i didnt know any songs by them but they totally rock the shit out of the whole people.

    Zebrahead: Same like Ignite. I really enjoyed them. They did a great job.

    Madsen: One of the my highlights on this festival. I really thought they would be boring but they was really awesome. Really good radio-friendly kind of music. They rocked it. Hope i get another chance to see them.

    Fiddlers Green: A German band who made some Speedfolk music wih some Irish Songs (Night Pat Murphy Died :headbang: ) and good own songs. ANother highlight for me. They really did a fucking grat job. You cant feel bad aslong you listen to them. Check the out, they are great :)

    Ska-P: Well, i dont speak spanish but this guys really did it. Ska-Punk at the best. All people had really much fun watching them.

    Seeed: Maybe you know them ( I dont think so). Seeed is a German band from Berlin and they make Reggae, Dancehall music. ANd if they want you to dance, YOU WILL DANCE. They just did a fantastic job, Just Party Hard :kicking: You guys should check them out, theire songs are always on German and english, check out their album Music Monks or Next! :p

    Steel Panther: Best songs ever :rofl: Just Party if you listen to them and just fun if they talk. Maybe not the favorite act from women :lol:

    Jimmy Eat World: Well, they was ok, not more. A bit boring to be honest

    Rise Against: The perfect festival closer. They started with "Ready to fall" and "Give It All" and played songs like "Prayer of the Refugee", "The Good Left Undone", "Satallite" , "Behind Close Doors" :worship: and acoustic songs "Hero Of War" :worship: , "People Live here" (Live debut) and Swing Life Away. They close the show with Make It Stop and Savior. It was fucking great and really energetic. It was a really great concert.

    All in all my first festival was really awesome. Good friends, good music (and alcohol :drunk: ) I could write a lot more with better english skills but i think that should be enough :lol:

    But the last thing i want you to show is a song who runs all day on the campside.


    The text is: "Thank You. We Are The Cantina Band. If you had a song wish , shout it. PLAY THE SAME SONG AGAIN. THE SAME SONG? Ok and go" :rofl:
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    Susy god break down the door LPA Contributor

    May 23, 2012
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    Oh yeah, I totally loved Rock am Ring this year! So awesome!

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    TheZlajaZlo Closing LPA Super Member

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    I went to EXIT Festival in Serbia couple of times. It's a great festival in a fortress with many stages and different types of music. The fortress has big walls so you can have two stages next to each other without sounds interwining. I saw bands like Arctic Monkeys, Editors and Hurts among others.
    Once a girl asked if I could sell her some ecstasy.

    good times.

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