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    This is my GCSE English coursework from 2005 :blink: But I modified it to post on the LPF. Hope you like :)

    DescriptionDedicated to my little brother Nicholas (R.I.P), based on true feelings and a real letter I wrote a couple of years ago to filter out feelings I had locked away inside.

    What you mean to me

    Dedicated to my little brother.. R.I.P little dude

    The room was dim. The atmosphere was like cigarette smoke, swirling so beautifully in the air. Infact it wasn't smoke in the air, but it was a
    mixture of emotions, colliding with each other, making a new hybrid of
    emotion that Chester was feeling at present.

    His feelings were happiness and sadness, tossing and turning, dancing with each other in a jumbled euphoria. All these emotions were making Chester more confused than he already was. You see Chester was celebrating the short-lived life of his brave little brother and grieving for him at the same time on the eleventh anniversary of his death. Chester was only five when it happened; he didn't understand what was happening and what was wrong with his brother at the time.

    As time progressed and as Chester grew older, family members taught him more and more, just little simple things about his brother’s condition; he had died of Spina bifida and Hydrocephalus.

    Chester sighed as he lay on his bed, pen and paper in his hand so he could
    jot down his emotions as he usually did. Only this time it wouldn't be for a
    song but instead a letter that he would read above his brother's grave, a
    letter about his emotions and about his feelings for his brother whom he
    hardly knew, yet his brother had a big impact on his life. The death of

    Chester's brother would be the first downfall in his life. A tear slowly ran
    down Chester's cheek, but he didn't care, everyone has to let their emotions
    go sometime, if everyone bottled it up we would all be a bomb that could
    explode at any moment . Chester thought for a moment before he started to
    write the first line of the letter:

    "To my dear beloved, even though you have gone and parted from me, may you always know that you have a place in my heart, a place especially for you"

    Chester stopped. Raising his pen to his lips he thoughtfully sucked on it.
    Looking upwards at a picture of his brother cradled in his arms he begin to
    write again. Tears slowly falling from his eyes, trailing down his
    cheeks and softly landing on the paper. With a slightly blurred vision his
    pen moved swiftly yet thoughtfully moved over the page:

    "Even though I never got to know you properly, the thoughts of you and what
    we could have been as brothers are the thoughts that I always keep close to

    Chester wiped the tears from his eyes. In the silent room all what could be
    heard was the muffled growl of his stomach calling for food. Reluctantly
    Chester dragged himself away from his bed. Stumbling down the stairs and
    into the kitchen he reached into the cupboards and grabbed a ready meal. As
    he started to press the 'start' button on the microwave the phone began to

    Trudging into the living room he picked the phone up. 'Mike' came up
    on the display screen. Chester thought for a moment, should he or shouldn't he answer the phone? Chester decided against it and saw that there was a message left by Mike on the answer machine. After reading the message a small significant smile spread across his face, 'well at least someone is thinking about me', Chester thought.

    He looked towards the microwave; on the screen lay the message 'Enjoy your
    meal'. Chester laughed at the thought of the microwave being polite to him.
    After he had finished his meal, he sat at the table, head in his hands 'I know I
    should be over it by now, but you didn’t deserve to die, nobody deserves to
    die a painful death the age you were, 29 days, too young to die, you had so
    much ahead of you' Chester thought to himself, a tear glided down his face
    with ease and landed with a soft 'plop' on the table forming a small puddle.

    Chester looked out the kitchen window, it had started to rain. 'Strange how
    the weather seems to symbolize my emotions' Chester thought. He watched it get heavier until all what he could hear was the drowning drumming of the rain
    against the windows and roof on the house. 'Better carry on with that letter' Chester thought, he had to finish it by today and if the rain cleared he would read it over his brother's grave, 'actually I will read it above his grave no
    matter what the weather'. Chester was that determined to show how much he
    loved his brother he would stand out in the pouring rain just to show what he
    meant to him.

    Hope you enjoyed it :) All comments and reviews welcome :)

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