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Linkin Park's 20th anniversary celebration of their groundbreaking 2000 debut album "Hybrid Theory" continues with the release of two special covers of iconic singles from the album: "One Step Closer" covered by Los Angeles-based alt-rocker grandson, and "In The End" covered by Inglewood's FEVER 333. Both tracks have been surprise-released exclusively on Spotify for fans to stream!


grandson and FEVER 333 have both struck up friendships with Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda in recent years. Linkin Park fans will of course know grandson from his appearance on Shinoda's 2018 full-length album "Post Traumatic", where he lent his talents to the rager "Running From My Shadow". His take on "One Step Closer" combines samples from the original song with his own signature blend of alternative rock, hip-hop and glitchy electronica, in an arrangement that suddenly stops at the end of the climactic bridge. grandson has said this about getting the opportunity to reinterpret "One Step Closer":
I first heard ‘In The End’ when I was just a kid, illegally downloaded it off Kazaa when I was like ten and learned all of Mike’s verses. Then 10 years later I played the Forum with Mike in front of thousands of people. Chester is an all-time great, and I could never try and sing like he does. We had to pitch the song down just so I could come close to hitting the notes in this song. I just wanted to try and pay homage and do this incredible song justice.

FEVER 333's frontman Jason Aalon Butler, meanwhile, has made appearances via phone on Mike Shinoda's Twitch streams teasing a secret collaboration, which, in hindsight, may well have been this release. FEVER's cover of "In The End" sees them sticking quite closely to the original song in terms of instrumentation, contrasted with Jason's distinctive vocal flair. He proves his versatility as a singer by tackling both Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington's parts throughout the whole arrangement. Like grandson, he too remarked candidly on getting to cover an iconic song that means a lot to him:
I will never forget that overcast morning in Los Angeles walking from my locker in the F building down the now infamous 11 stair handrail at Westchester High (now of numerous skate vids fame) toward the bungalows that housed my algebra 2 education and being stopped by my only website building homie to tell me of this ‘awesome new band he found called Linkin Park.’ ‘In The End’ was the song that made me believe that rap and rock still belonged together. I studied their tasteful marriage of the two styles from that moment on and created my own music with that in mind. I wish I could tell my 14-year-old self that one day I’d receive a DM from Mike Shinoda about him liking my music. I wish even more that I could tell my younger self he’d offer to share his talents and energy with me to make more music. I don’t think 14-year-old me would believe it, though. 35-year-old me still doesn’t.
grandson and Jason Aalon Butler have also just appeared on Mike Shinoda's Twitch livestream to discuss the collaboration, and you can check out that VOD here.

You can get on Spotify and check out grandson's "One Step Closer" cover here and FEVER 333's "In The End" cover here. Come and tell us what you think on our message board!

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Mike Shinoda's "Dropped Frames" trilogy is at last complete with today's release of its third and final installment, "Dropped Frames, Vol. 3"! The new album is available to stream and purchase on various digital outlets including the official merch store.


This set contains 14 instrumental tracks that were, of course, thought up and sketched out on Shinoda's Twitch livestreams, mostly beginning with prompts from his loyal subscribers. Similarly, the visual component of the release has been compiled from drawings created during artwork-themed livestreams, again using fans' suggestions as starting points. Closing out the selection is the fan-favourite "License To Waltz", which takes the listener on a journey with its changing rhythms and time signatures.

Check out the full "Dropped Frames, Vol. 3" tracklisting here:
  1. "Dream Fragment"
  2. "Sound Collector"
  3. "Dust Code"
  4. "No Delete"
  5. "Robet Yodel"
  6. "Vibe Train"
  7. "Mike's Gonna Mike"
  8. "Shoreline"
  9. "Goodbye Cow"
  10. "Genesis Supernova"
  11. "Sidechain Gang"
  12. "Overcast"
  13. "A Thousand Jams"
  14. "License To Waltz"
You can check out the album now on services like Spotify and Apple Music, and you can also check out a merch collection for the release at Mike Shinoda's official webstore.

Meanwhile, even with the completion of this trilogy, Shinoda's daily livestreams show no sign of stopping, although he is doing more drawing and gaming streams for his viewers to add more variety to the program. On the music side of things, he recently worked on an "A Thousand Suns"-themed idea in celebration of that album's 10th anniversary. Whether or not he plans to do anything with these post-"Dropped Frames" ideas is yet to be seen.

Come and discuss the new "Dropped Frames" album on our message board!

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Over a month long period the LPA team used a state-of-the-art voting system to reach a consensus on our top 20 Linkin Park songs over 20 years.
If you can guess the #1 song correctly you could win a $25 gift card for!

Rules to enter:
1️⃣ 1 GUESS PER PERSON in comments
❤ Like this post

Winner will be announced at the end of the live stream at

Entries end August 23 10am PT.


Good luck and guess #1 in the comments!

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Linkin Park have been teasing something big for the 20th anniversary of their seminal debut album "Hybrid Theory". Fans have been on a journey with the tidbits posted on during this past week, but, now, the wait is over! The official announcement has just dropped, and the band is ready to unveil exactly what this 20th anniversary box set is going to include.

Fans who check out will discover that Linkin Park have gone way, way beyond any possible expectations held by longtime, hardcore "Hybrid Theory" fans. Strap yourself in and check out the full list of what's in the "Super Deluxe" box set:

  • 5 CDs
    • "Hybrid Theory"
    • the 2002 "Hybrid Theory" remix album "Reanimation"
    • "B-Sides Rarities", described as a "12-track compilation of rare B-sides"
    • "LPU Rarities", 18 tracks that were previously LPU-exclusive
    • "Forgotten Demos" - 12 demos that fans have never heard before
  • 3 DVDs
    • the band's 2001 documentary, "Frat Party At The Pankake Festival"
    • "Projekt Revolution 2002 / The Sequel To The DVD With The Worst Name We've Ever Come Up With", a follow-up to "Frat Party" which will include a never-before-seen full live show
    • a DVD containing two live shows: one at The Fillmore in San Francisco from 2001, and the fan-favourite Rock Am Ring 2001 festival set
  • 3 vinyls
    • the "Hybrid Theory" EP, which there has never been a pressing of before
    • "Hybrid Theory"
    • "Reanimation", which will have two discs
  • a casette reproduction of the original 2-track Linkin Park Street Sampler
  • an 80-page book with content and photos provided by the band, most of them never-before-seen
  • a poster of Chester Bennington
  • 3 litographs featuring visuals by Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn as well as the band's art director Frank Maddocks
  • a replica of the Projekt Revolution 2002 tour laminate
This mindblowing amount of content comes down to USD $199.98, and those familiar with Linkin Park's beginnings know how that amount doesn't come close to the value of all of this put together. Among the many demos and unreleased tracks included on the CDs is a recording of "Pictureboard" which has been eagerly searched for by Linkin Park's fanbase since first being mentioned in a throwaway comment by Mike Shinoda in 2005.

Pre-ordering will get you an instant download of "She Couldn't" from the "Forgotten Demos" CD. It's also available now on streaming services and YouTube.


Meanwhile, fans who are after smaller bundles are being offered these two options:


Firstly, the Vinyl Deluxe Box Set, a more minimal edition of the box set that contains just the "Hybrid Theory", "Reanimation" and "B-Sides Rarities" vinyls. This edition costs USD $59.98.


Secondly, the Deluxe CD, a 2-disc package that contains "Hybrid Theory" and "B-Sides Rarities", plus a 16-page booklet. This edition is listed at USD $19.98.

On top of this, there is a new merch collection which includes items such a pin and a dad hat, as well as a couple of T-shirts designed by Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn, respectively, showing new takes on the "Hybrid Theory" winged soldier concept. (These images also appear on the lithographs included in the "Super Deluxe" box set.)

All of these box sets and related bundles, including digital editions of all the music, are available for pre-order right now - all the details and more at!

How speechless are you? Let us know!

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In preparation for the 20th anniversary of the release of Hybrid Theory in October, we are excited to present to you our Top 20 of 20: a ranking of the Top 20 Linkin Park songs spanning their discography over the last twenty years. We will be presenting our ranking via live Twitch Stream ( on the 20th anniversary of the release of the “One Step Closer” single: Sunday, August 23rd, 2020 at 10 am PT / 1 am ET / 6 pm BST / 7 pm CET.


A few months ago, the LPA staff got together to identify the band's Top 20 songs – which could only be achieved through a rigorous and painstaking scientific process. Using a state-of-the-art voting system and elimination process, we whittled down the band’s expansive discography through a multi-stage elimination process. And after several weeks of vigorous debates and opinion-shaming, we finally were able to determine a Top 20 list that represents the staff’s collective ranking of our favorite Linkin Park tracks.

We feel so good about this process that not only do we think that this ranking will truly speak for millions of Linkin Park fans around the world, but we are also absolutely certain that the band will back it and confirm that these are the definitive Top 20 Linkin Park songs of the past twenty years.

But in all seriousness, we thought it would be fun to share the rankings and our process with the Linkin Park community. So, we will unveil our rankings via Twitch stream on August 23rd! This is your chance to tell us if you think we got it right (which we did, through science), or if we got it wrong (which we did not). Either way, the results will surprise you – so you will not want to miss this Twitch stream!

As part of this celebration, we will also be doing giveaways across social media in the lead up to the event and on the live stream itself! So, make sure to follow our social media channels and tune in for a chance to participate and win prizes!

Stay tuned for more information about the Twitch stream! We hope you will join us for this fun celebration of the band’s music.


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*Update: Day 6*
On to the day 6 of updates. This was the smallest update so far, but that doesn't matter:
  1. Another theme was added, this one is named "Inverted" and features a inverted band image from the Hybrid Theory photoshoot
  2. Two new emails are available, one from Joe, reading:
    Hey guys I think we're all set. Let's drop the announcement tomorrow at 7am PST via WebMeeting
  3. The other email is from Mike with this gif: [​IMG]

*Update: Day 5*
Going on day 5 of straight updates.
  1. A new "Dark" theme was added
  2. If you go to "Start>System Properties>File System" you can now click on "Force Automatic Updates", this will then enable you to install new software.
  3. Under "Start>Programs>Software Installer" if you run it a piece of software called "PictBoard (Hidden File)" will be listed and when clicking next adds a folder to the desktop called "In Yourself Jam".
  4. This folder contains a file called "Demo_Pic_Board.mp3". The file is corrupted and can't be opened

*Update: Day 4*
Another day, another update. Not as massive an update as yesterday, but still some interesting things:
  1. Two new emails are now available in the "MailNet Client", one from Brad and one from Phoenix
  2. In Brads email, we get a look at another four tracks, "completing the collection"
    1. 09_Carousel_4424_22_20.wav
    2. 10_Points_Of_Authority_4424_20.wav
    3. 11 Crawling demo.m4a
    4. 12 Super Xero.m4a
  3. In the email from Phoenix we get four old show flyers from the bands early days
  4. Another new theme has been added, this one is named "Cool"

*Update: Day 3*
For the third day in a row the site has been updated with new content, this time making available some cool media:
  1. If you defragment the C drive (Start > Programs > Defragger) a quick string of letters will appear, this is the password for the Passwords (Start > Settings > Passwords) tab. The password is "4P7LYE"
  2. When unlocked, two new tabs will appear in the Documents menu (Start > Documents), "For Review" and "Image Approvals"
  3. Under "For Review", four new tracks are listed:
    1. 01_Dialate 4424_APR20.wav
    2. 02_PB_Edit_2020_4424_20.wav
    3. 03_She_Couldn't_4424_20.wav
    4. 04_Could_Have_Been_4424_20.wav
  4. Under "Image Approvals" there are also four images from the Hybrid Theory photoshoot
  5. Two new emails have appeared in the "MailNet Client", one from Joe and one from Brad
  6. A new theme has been added to the themes selector, this time "Neon"

*Update: Day 2*
The site has been updated with new content, as of right now these are the updates:
  1. "Essul" has been corrected to "Esaul"
  2. There are now three emails in the email application, from Mike, Rob and Phoenix
  3. A new "Light" theme was added, now making it three available; Light, Warm and Basic

*Original Post*
Leading up to the Hybrid Theory 20 year anniversary, Linkin Park has just updated their website to be an ARG of their old band computer. We can explore it to find hidden treasures and easter eggs. One particularly interesting thing is the Admin Unlock part, requiring a password, sure to hide something really fun and cool.

If you go to the "Start > Settings > Network" section you can connect to a "MShinoda Music Server" showing four tracks:
  1. 05_Reading_My_Eyes_4424_20.wav
  2. 06_Rhinestone_Mix_4424_20.wav
  3. 07_Essul_4424_22_20.wav
  4. 08_Stick_N_Move_demo_4424_20.wav
Except for Esual, all these tracks could be found on the Xero Casette Tape, the first release the band ever put out. It also shows that there are atleast four other tracks that are missing from the server.

There is also a readme text from Mike Shinoda if you go to "Start > Documents", containing this message:

Hey here's some more info on what I need your help with on this thing.

I just booted it up for the first time in like 20 years and it's a mess. I'm having a hard time locating the files we need for that thing I told you about, can you help me dig through it and find anything we could use?

Places to start:
1. I tried getting this thing to connect to my old server but no luck, maybe you can figure it out.
2. I think my old email account is still set up on this, maybe a few of them are in there?
3. I have no idea what the passwords are for most of this stuff, I'll keep digging on my end but there's a chance they might just be gone.

So head over to and help us find more interesting things, and help us solve this puzzle!

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Fans of Mike Shinoda's recently-released "Dropped Frames, Vol. 1" are no doubt rejoicing today as the second installment of the "Dropped Frames" trilogy is available now on digital music platforms!


The set consists of another twelve instrumentals that were all conceived and largely shaped live on daily Twitch livestreams, with Shinoda routinely drawing upon his community members' suggestions for starting points and arrangement ideas - so far, Shinoda has tackled nearly every musical challenge thrown at him, no matter how wild, and the end result naturally puts his versatility on full display. Similarly, the visuals for each "Dropped Frames" release are a collage of drawings made by Shinoda that grow from fans' suggestions.

In addition to sourcing ideas from his Twitch audience, a few of these tracks include elements taken from sample packs created by some of Shinoda's friends and peers in the wider music community: YouTube sensation Elise Trouw, New York hip-hop legend Money Mark, and Shinoda's own tour drummer, Dan Mayo (whose drums were previously heard on "Channeling, Pt. 1" off "Vol. 1").

Check the "Dropped Frames, Vol. 2" tracklist here:
  1. "Transitions"
  2. "Crystalinia"
  3. "Julio’s Revenge"
  4. "Isolation Bird" (feat. Money Mark)
  5. "Side Scrolling"
  6. "Dungeon Crawler"
  7. "Dog Whistles"
  8. "Astral" (feat. Elise Trouw)
  9. "Sunset Drive"
  10. "Channeling, Pt. 2" (feat. Dan Mayo)
  11. "King Paprika"
  12. "Party Meow"
You can check out "Dropped Frames, Vol. 2" now on services such as Spotify and Apple Music. It's likely that a merch drop for this release will be coming soon as well, so keep an eye on Shinoda's online merch store for that.

Did any of your favourites make it onto "Dropped Frames, Vol. 2"? Let us know!

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The album is now out and can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon, and Google Play

*Original Post*


As we all know, Mike Shinoda started streaming on Twitch and YouTube back in March and has kept it going on a daily basis since, rarely missing a stream. On one of his first streams he finished up the demo for Open Door which he released as a download later that day.

After a couple of months Mike has now decided to compile some of the songs that he worked on into a 12-song album compilation called Dropped Frames, Vol 1. In a statement to Mike said:
“Dropped Frames is just as much about the live channel as it is about the ‘album’,” Shinoda says.
“The collection of songs is a highlight reel of the tracks I make on the channel, but a big part of the experience is the stream itself. When I start, I usually have very little idea of where it will go.
What comes out is a product of the viewers’ suggestions, my spur-of-the-moment ideas, and whatever inexplicable magic is floating in between.”
On his Instagram Mike had this to say about the album:
In March, when quarantine began, I started creating music live online. In addition to bringing the fans together for a daily conversation, the live streams inspired dozens of unexpected genre mashups and theme ideas. I'm excited to announce the release of my first batch of these instrumental songs.

My album “Dropped Frames Vol. 1” will be coming out July 10th. Leading the release is “Open Door,” a song that started out as a challenge called #singopendoor and evolved into a track featuring 7 fans from around the world.

“Open Door” is the only vocal-led song in the album. In times like these, when so much is being said, I felt an album of wordless tracks might hopefully give fans a place of respite—a break from the chatter. Listen to them while you chill, while you work, while you paint, while you eat, while you play...wherever they fit into your life.

With the announcement of the album Mike decided to release 3 songs, Open Door, Osiris, and Super Galaxtica. Open Door is the finished version of the song with a number of guest vocalists, it's the also the only song on the album that with singing on it. You can listen to all three songs here below.

Open Door | Making Of
Super Galaxtica | Making Of
Duckbot | Making of
Cupcake Cake
| Making of
El Rey Demonio
| Making of
Doodle Buzz
| Making of
Channeling Pt. 1 (feat. Dan Mayo)
| Making of
| Making of
Babble Bobble | Making of
Session McSessionface
| Making of
Neon Crickets
| Making of
Booty Down
| Making of
Are you looking forward to the album? When do you think Vol. 2 will be released? Come and discuss in our forums.

Source: Mike Shinoda Instagram |

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Steve Aoki has dropped his new album "Neon Future IV" and among its whopping 27 tracks (across two sides) is a song called "Last One To Know" which features the talents of Linkin Park band member Mike Shinoda. Shinoda co-wrote and sings on the song in a duet with Canadian pop sensation Lights.

Aoki may be best-known for energetic electro-house but this song's production features major-key bright arpeggios and piano chords over a halftime future bass rhythm. It doesn't explode in the manner of his typical festival anthems, instead staying firmly in a radio-friendly pop space. The candid lyrics contrast with this upbeat vibe, with Shinoda and Lights bitterly ruminating on the emotional strain of miscommunications and failing relationships - the first verse begins, in fact, with Shinoda contemplating brazenly burning down an office.

This is, of course, not the first time Aoki has teamed up with Linkin Park: he and the band dropped a joint single, the aggressive electro banger "A Light That Never Comes", in 2013, and they followed that up by working together on a melodic house track called "Darker Than Blood" for Aoki's 2015 studio album "Neon Future II".

You can check out "Last One To Know" off the album "Neon Future IV" on Spotify.

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Mike has recently embraced the service "Community", making it available for him and fans to send SMS-messages back and forth privately. Earlier in the day Mike went live on Instagram and showed him finishing up a demo called "Open Door", which he has now released on Community!

But, Mike gave the OK for the song to be posted online for the international fans, so here you go:

You can also download the song from this link.

If you want to interact with Mike on Community you can do so by sending a SMS to 310-935-0302 (only for USA) and if you want to watch the recorded stream of Mike working on the song you can do so here

(credit to LinkinPark:br)
March 19 Update: Mike Shinoda releases stems for Open Door along with a jam he did on Instagram Live yesterday. Download them below.

What do you think of the song? Come and discuss in our forums!